Our Secretariat

The Secretariat's primary duty is to administer and manage the affairs of the community. They plan, guide, execute, review, and evaluate all activities related to conducting the TRES DIAS experience, including the Pre-Weekend, Weekend (The Three Days), and Post-Weekend (Fourth Day) activities. 



Bill Shoemaker


Dave Porter


Patricia Cole



Wayne Kwiatkowski

Spiritual Director

Richard Curran

Fourth Day - Alpha

Keith and Brandy Kirkland


Fourth Day - Alpha (In Training)

Craig and Terri O'Barr

Fourth Day - Omega

Keith and Angie Franks


Charles and Mary Sheppard


Weekend - Alpha

Eric Pepe

Weekend - Omega

Bobby and Julie Purdum

Palanca - Alpha

Doug and Susy Burchfield


Women's Leader - Alpha

Audrey Alexander

Men's LEader - Alpha

Michael Edwards

Men's LEader - Alpha (In Training)

Ken Breier



Catherine "Cat" Merriman

Document Control

Cheryl Edwards

Supply & Procurement

Vernon and Ellen Atkinson


Food Management - Alpha

John and Ginger Brunette

Food Management - omega

Randy and Jane Rogers


Jason Brown



Andrea Hunter


Position Requirements

Serving on the Secretariat is a privilege and blessing. Secretariat members must meet the following requirements:

  • Lifestyle commensurate with biblical leadership and the King James Version of the Holy Scriptures;

  • A track record of support of the TRES DIAS movement;
  • Have served at least three teams, preferably in different service areas;
  • Have skills required by Secretariat position job description (click on the name of the position above to view the job description); and
  • Commit to attend all Secretariat meetings. Secretariat members may not miss more than two meetings per operating year.
  • Secretariat members may not occupy a position on the governing body (e.g.,Secretariat, Council, or Board) of any other local Tres Dias, Cursillo, Emmaus or Vida Neuva community. However, steering committee participation is permitted.

Our Current Openings


The Palanca Couple is comprised of up to four individuals (married or single)—two people for the Alpha team and two people for the Omega team. The Palanca Couple asks the sponsors to bring oven palanca to the Send-Off Ceremony; coordinates with the Head Prayer Chas to fill the 72-hour prayer wall; maintains TDNEGA’s inventory of banners; coordinates banner selection by the Rectors; requests general palanca letters from other Fourth Day communities; and sends general palanca letters to other communities on behalf of TDNEGA.

Other Requirements: Candidates must be capable of sending and receiving emails with attachments; proficient in MS Powerpoint; and comfortable uploading photos to an online document repository, e.g., Box.com. 

To read more about the position, click here.

Women's Leader

The Women's Leader provides guidance to female Rectors in all areas of team selection, weekend preparation, and the conducting of the Weekend itself in accordance with the Tres Dias Essentials, TDNEGA Constitution and By-laws, and the TDNEGA Policies and Practices. Leaders ensure the team selection process is growing pescadores with the necessary skills and experience to serve in leadership roles, including as Section Heads, Rectors, and Secretariat members. Leaders debrief the weekends with the Rector to identify areas of improvement for future weekends.

Other Requirements: Candidates must be former Rectors who have good administrative and organizational skills. Being able to keep track of multiple tasks is critical to success in this position. Leaders must be comfortable using Microsoft Word and Excel and with sending/receiving emails with attachments. Experience providing one-on-one coaching or mentoring is beneficial.

To read more about the position, click here.

Document Control

The Document Control Manager creates, edits, and maintains documents used by the Secretariat and the Weekend teams which are stored in online repositories, i.e., Box.com and Wikispace. The Document Control Manager provides user support to the Secretariat and teams for both applications. The Document Control Manager is the Parliamentarian for the Secretariat and backs up the Database Manager.

Other Requirements: Candidates must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and a screen capture tool, e.g., SnagIt, and be comfortable sending/receiving emails with attachments and uploading files to the Box and Wikispace. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Access is needed to back up the Database Manager. 

To read more about the position, click here.


The Webmaster maintains the TDNEGA website and publishes special notices and other information on the website as needed by the Secretariat. The Webmaster maintains all computers owned by TDNEGA, including installing software, running updates, running virus scans, performing maintenance routines, etc. The Webmaster also backs up the Newsletter Editor.

Other Requirements: Candidates must have computer expertise and be comfortable using an online website content management application.

To read more about the position, click here.


Serve on the Secretariat

Sign up here to let us know you are interested in serving on the Secretariat. Even if the position you are interested in is not available now, we will hold on to your name and contact you when it becomes  available.

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