Tres Dias of Northeast Georgia
Tres Dias of Northeast Georgia

TDNEGA Secretariat Positions

 General Qualifications:

Lifestyle commensurate with Biblical leadership, track record of support of the Tres Dias North East Ga movement, worked at least three teams, preferably in different service areas, must have skills required by Secretariat job description. Each voting position is for a 3 year term. Document Control and Webmaster shall be a non-voting potion and shall report to the Chairman. The term of these positions is 4 years and may succeed himself/herself by a vote of confidence every 4 years by the Secretariat. Must agree to attend monthly Secretariat meetings (held in the Athens area).


To nominate yourself or someone else, please contact any current Secretariat member. Please make sure you have permission from the nominee prior to submitting their name for consideration.


Please provide the name(s), position for nomination, weekend number and community name. Nominations are not a guarantee of selection and is subject to the normal voting process.

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