Tres Dias of Northeast Georgia is selecting a new Spiritual Director

Tres Dias of Northeast Georgia will be selecting a new Spiritual Director for the Community. The Spiritual Director is the primary advisor and source of counsel to the Secretariat regarding Spiritual direction and inspiration of the TDNEGA movement. The Spiritual Director ensures the Secretariat is always acting consistent with and in obedience to God’s inerrant Word. The Spiritual Director and the Chairperson shall work together to ensure the spiritual integrity of TDNEGA.

The Spiritual Director shall recruit clergy from the TDNEGA community to serve as Spiritual Directors on the weekends and facilitate their becoming qualified to serve as Head Spiritual Directors. The Spiritual Director shall work with the Leaders Persons and the Rectors in selecting Spiritual Directors for the weekends.

The new Spiritual Director will begin a three-year term on July 1, 2019, with a training period before that to begin as soon as selected.

If you have questions, wish to serve or nominate someone as a candidate, please contact a member of the Secretariat as soon as possible.

TDNEGA Webmaster