Bylaw Amendment: Section

The Secretariat is proposing the following amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws:
Finding qualified Leaders to serve on the Secretariat can be challenging for young communities such as TDNEGA. The Secretariat is proposing the following revision to the Constitution and Bylaws so if there are no former Rectors in our community who are able to serve as Leaders, we can still fill this important role.
Current Language Leaders must be former Rectors.
Proposed Revision Leaders must be former TDNEGA Rectors unless no such candidates are available. If no former TDNEGA Rectors are available, former Rectors from other Tres Dias communities may serve as Leaders. However, they are not eligible to serve as TDNEGA Rectors or Backup Rectors during their term.

The Secretariat will vote on the revision on August 12, 2018. Send your questions and/or concerns to by August 11.

Wayne Kwiatkowski