Welcome to Our New Website!

The new TDNEGA website is a resource for the community and a sponsorship tool. You will find information on sponsoring candidates, upcoming weekends, secuelas, and news from the Secretariat. Refer potential candidates to the website to learn about Tres Dias and get answers to frequently asked questions.

Online sponsorship applications for married and single candidates are now available. The online sponsorship fee is $11 per candidate. The additional dollar covers the credit card transaction fee. Paper applications are still accepted with a $10 sponsorship fee per candidate. The Pre-Weekend Couple's mailing address is on the downloadable paper application located on the website.

If you want to get involved, sign up on the "Serve on a Weekend" page. You can also volunteer to serve on the Secretariat. There's a sign-up form on the Secretariat page. We encourage you to volunteer for the Secretariat even if the position you're interested in is not currently available. The Secretariat is building a pool of interested candidates so they can quickly identify and train new members.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can stay informed of TDNEGA's latest happenings.

Wayne Kwiatkowski