Secretariat Positions Available

The Secretariat has immediate openings in the positions listed below. Please contact the appropriate Secretariat member right away to learn more. Secretariat members are required to attend all Secretariat meetings (10 per year). All positions have 3-year terms of office. 



Responsible for arranging general, oven, prayer, and banner palanca for all weekends. Coordinates the 72-hour Prayer Wall with the Head Prayer Chas. Solicits oven palanca from sponsors. Sends and receives general palanca letters from other Fourth Day communities.

Qualifications: Must be able to send and receive emails with attachments; proficient in MS Powerpoint; and able to upload photos to

For details, contact Doug and Susy Burchfield at


Women's Leader

Responsible for providing guidance to Rectors to help ensure the Tres Dias Essentials and TDNEGA Policies and Practices are followed in all areas of team selection, team formation, weekend preparation, and conducting the weekend.

Qualifications: Must be a former Rector and have coaching/mentoring skills.

For details, contact Audrey Alexander at


Document Control

Maintains, edits, and archives all Secretariat documents. Serves as Secretariat Parliamentarian. Backs up the Database Manager.

Qualifications: Must be proficient in MS Word and Excel and have some knowledge of MS Access. Good writing skills are also needed.

For details, contact Cheryl Edwards at



Responsible for editing and maintaining TDNEGA website. Maintains all computers owned by TDNEGA. Backs up the Newsletter Editor.

Qualifications: Must be proficient with website content management tools and website maintenance. 

For details, contact Bill Shoemaker at

Wayne Kwiatkowski